As I deepen my engagement as a professional coach I seek to support and guide people in their expansion of consciousness, as a way to discover and unleash their potential. My intention is to assist them in discovering their life path, their own innate sense of balance.
In all that I say, all that I do and all that I am, I seek to be a living example of the possibility for the evolution and transformation of society. To be a catalyst for positive change, a lighthouse in the mist, showing the way toward clearer air, where we can recognise and realize our own potential, our own expansion and our own liberation.

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About Claudia

Every teacher, guide, coach or leader that you will ever meet, has one thing in common, they all have a life.

That is to say, they are all ordinary Human Beings that have decided in one way or another, to assist and support others in their search for meaning and fulfillment. Whether we like it or not, in order for us to trust them, to be receptive to their guidance and coachable in their methods, we need them to have credibility. We need to see in them the manifest results of the strategies, methods and techniques in which they would ask us to trust. If we don’t feel that confidence, if we don’t intuitively experience our coach as living a life congruent or ‘in tune’ with their words and guidance, then we will not co-operate. We will not collaborate. If we don’t believe in them, then they will have no influence on us at all.

Claudia is a rare example of what a credible, congruent and exemplary coach can be.

Her life experience and career have seen her live through both the greatest successes and hardest lessons that any of us could or will ever encounter. From the highest echelons of Multinational Corporations, where she achieved success and recognition beyond even her own wildest hopes, to the intensely profound and personal realities of loss and grief that called on her to discover and live by, the very highest values that one could evoke. To navigate the deepest challenges and come through it all with her mind and her heart more open and alive than ever. Her unique capacities bring insight, clarity and understanding to anyone with whom she works, regardless of their age, income or intellect. With the extraordinary spectrum of her experience and success, her vast toolkit of skills and methods learned in the real world and an unstoppable, inspirational energy, working with Claudia can and will change your life.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions begin with an initial assessment session to establish firstly, what your reason or reasons are for seeking support, what it is you hope to achieve and of course that you and Claudia are a good fit for each other. If there is a good connection and it is clear that your situation would benefit from her guidance, then a series of further sessions would be discussed and agreed.

You may be looking for nothing more than greater serenity and calmness in your life, or you might have reached a personal ‘plateau’ in your career, your relationships or your own personal feeling of well being. There may simply be an inner sense of wondering that after creating the life you thought would make you happy, you still have a voice inside asking “Is this it?” “Is this as good as it gets?” It is easy to become disconnected or disassociated from the passions and callings that once had us excited about our lives. Working with Claudia is both challenging and deeply rewarding. The greater your commitment to yourself and the further you are willing to step into your ‘discomfort zone’, the greater will be your results. Those who have taken on the task report leaving the sessions feeling focused, energised, revitalised and refreshed.

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Am I Motivated By What I Fear Or By What I Love?

Am I Motivated By What I Fear Or By What I Love?

To put it another way— Are my decisions, my life choices and my actions, driven by a fear of what could happen ‘if I stopped trying, if I disappointed or failed to meet the expectations of others’? –(Extrinsic motivation).
Or, are they driven by my own yearning, a creative force, an inner thirst, beckoning me forward. My ‘calling’? –(Intrinsic motivation).

From the very earliest moment that we begin to connect with the world around us. From our first experience of ‘self’, we are burdened with the hopes, dreams, desires and expectations of others. First by our parents and their need for us to learn to talk, to walk, to be good, to be quiet, to be talented, to be clever, to be well behaved. Then, by our teachers and preachers, who demand that we perform to a standard set by them. That we pay attention, that we work hard and that we play to win, to compete, to compare. To achieve success according to their definitions. We are told to get a good education, a good job, a good spouse, raise good kids who in turn must fulfill your expectations and demands.
And when we fail to meet these standards, when we fall short, when we ‘let down the team’, we feel judged, condemned, isolated. We feel alone and unloved, so we begin to believe that who we are, what we are and what we do, will never be enough.

We then come to the inevitable conclusion that ‘If I want to be happy and feel loved, then I must forget about my joys, my passions, my callings and instead, I should strive to achieve what others expect of me’.
This is where we forget. This is where we lose the will, the courage and the desire, to be who we are and to listen to our own inner voice. And so it goes on, generation upon generation. A society motivated by what and who loves us, instead of by what and whom we love.
This is why, no matter how successful and complete our life may appear, no matter how happy we are ‘supposed to be’, there is always that nagging feeling, that little lump of sadness, deep down. That little voice that quietly enquires,
“Is this it, Is this all there is?” “Is this as good as it gets?”
So now ask yourself this simple question – Am I motivated by fear, or by love?
The honest answer to that question can reveal a fundamental truth about ourselves and the life we currently experience.

Understanding what has been driving us all our lives can be the last piece of the puzzle. The missing link that is preventing us from feeling truly fulfilled, content and at peace, working with Claudia, you will you re-assess your career looking from the highest perspective, as a part of your whole life. You will enquire and discover what work really means to you and why you choose to do what you do.

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Worklife Design

What does your Worklife look like when you are making the right decisions about your career?

How are you assessing your priorities? Is it money, time, or status? Security, creativity or fulfilment? What does your work mean to you as a person and to your experience of life?

Working with Claudia as a Worklife Designer, You will firstly have to discover if you are asking yourself the right questions. Not just the established and yet useful cliche’s like “Is the ladder you’re climbing leaning against the right wall?” Or “Are you studiously and conscientiously hacking your way through the wrong jungle?” But even more importantly, you need to discover if you are motivated intrinsically or extrinsically as a person. Are you being driven forward by fear that you could ‘lose everything you’ve worked for’ if you don’t keep it all together? Or are you being beckoned towards something deeper, a calling, something with a greater purpose than just your own personal attainment? This understanding will allow you to see what has been causing you to stagnate. To uncover the reasons why you feel blocked, held back and frustrated.

Claudia’s Worklife Design process employs a specific collection of methods and techniques, some established, some less conventional, to find and optimise your inner compass. It works to hone the most critical moral and ethical skills you will need to navigate a course through the storm of possibilities, opportunities and options that we all face as professionals, seeking a fulfilling and meaningful working life. One that recognises that the addictive need for personal wealth accumulation, gratification and admiration does not and can never, bring us the happiness and contentment that are to be found in true contribution, meaningful purpose and an unending willingness to inhabit our ‘discomfort zone’. If we are not challenged, we are not growing and if we are to create, if our lives are to bear fruit, then we have no choice but to step up and make ‘what we do’ who we are. So that when we ask ourselves the question “If this was my last day on Earth, would this be what I would choose to do?” The answer is always “Yes!”

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Constellation work has become an established and recognised method for accessing the subconscious while still allowing the participant to examine and gain clarity from a dynamic and multi dimensional physical experience. The method is designed to bypass the conscious analytical mind and connect to our gut instinct or intuitive ‘knowing’ mind. It can allow for deep and profound insight into issues and situations that may be affecting our lives.

Claudia uses this type of work as part of an holistic approach to self enquiry and investigation. Rather than simply using it in isolation, she has created a unique blend of methods, incorporating many types of thought clarification processes. For example, using mind maps and graphic layouts, so that participants can focus and clarify plans, ideas, projects or personal issues like relationships, health or financial concerns.
A Constellation session is set up to discover if what the participant has created consciously is then confirmed or perhaps questioned at a subconscious level by their intuition and gut instinct. This combining of methods can give a much broader and deeper understanding of the issue at hand and can generate unconsidered insights or ‘aha’ moments that would otherwise have been overlooked by the logical brain.
This unique approach also begins to develop in the participant, a strong trust in their own gut instincts which builds an inner confidence about their capacity to be discerning, to make better decisions and to create better life choices.

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Learning to Embrace Sorrow and Loss Through Inner Vision and an Open Heart.


Learning to Embrace Sorrow and Loss Through Inner Vision and an Open Heart.

In most of western society, the conventional and established approach to death treats it as nothing more than a sad tragedy. As something to be feared and avoided. The ultimate failure of life, the lost battle.

The loss of those we cherish reflects back to us the reality of our own un-lived lives. Especially when we have been dependent on those closest to us to feel complete, to feel whole. Then their passing will leave us abandoned, lost and perhaps even angry. Death directly reminds us that we have come here alone and will leave alone. That we are temporal, mortal and fragile and that ultimately, we will all return to dust.

Through the most personal and visceral experience in the loss of those closest to her, Claudia explored and found a very different approach to navigate the storm of emotions that came with the passing of her loved ones. One that allowed her to remain enlivened and energized, yet completely authentic in her grief.

In honouring every moment and every emotion as they arose, those around her were able to share in the reality of her loss yet still felt free to rejoice in their own lives, uninhibited by the fear of seeming disrespectful, insensitive or inappropriate. Through it, Claudia discovered not only a rare opportunity for personal enrichment but also an invitation to deeply celebrate and appreciate her own life too.

Now in her work with those who are bereaved or facing loss, she seeks to guide others toward this unique way of moving through sorrow. In learning the practice of Meditation and by developing an inner awareness of our selves and our place in the world, we can renounce the notion of recovery from our grief and instead, recognize with serenity and acceptance, that life without our loved ones is a new world and always will be. Only then can we gradually move from suffering, victimhood and regret, toward appreciation, gratitude and grace. This fundamental shift in perception sees death not as a dark valley but rather, as a sunlit peak. The very summit of our precious existence in this lifetime. The very climax of our life story and in so doing, it gives us permission to celebrate and exalt in the lives of those who have moved on. To feel both the ache of loss and the joy of remembrance as we deepen our own commitment to live a life worth dying for.

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